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Total Quality
Many companies have started down the road of Total Quality, drawn by the prospect of enormous benefits. Many have fallen by the wayside. Others have rejected the concept as a passing fad, put off by the jargon and over-selling. There are huge gains to be made, but the investment is also large and the short term benefits are largely intangible.

A short awareness course describes the benefits and problem areas. Beyond that, any further investment you make must be carefully targeted and the training must be customised. We have the skills and experience to give you comprehensive support and the honesty to tell you when the time is not yet right.

Quality Systems
We help with the design of systems and procedures, for example the introduction of new products. ISO 9000 systems can give great benefits if they are implemented properly, otherwise they become a burden on the company. We have a pragmatic approach and focus on the needs of the client. Full support is available, including registered training courses.

Planning and organising
Management tools for organising data, for planning and for setting priorities can be used to anticipate problems, increase productivity and reduce risk. An introductory course gives an appreciation of the techniques and where and how to use them. It overlaps with some of the problem solving methods. The topics covered include :
• Affinity ("KJ") and relationship diagrams, used to define a broad problem
• Simplified PERT and Gantt charts for project planning
• Process flow charts and risk assessment charts
• Matrix methods
• Benchmarking to compare yourself with other companies
• Quality Function Deployment (QFD)

Quality Function Deployment is used to translate the requirements of a user into the specifications for a supplier. Because of the general nature of the method and its broad relevance further training is best performed with in-house examples. This can be done in a workshop format for the first application. Later training courses can be customised to include a client's own experience. A full three-day course on QFD is available.