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Tolerance design

Total Productive Maintenance

TPM brings together disciplines such as reliability, problem solving, teamwork and continuous improvement and directs them at the goals of zero downtime and maximum output. It can serve as a flagship for quality improvement or be limited to analytical techniques for preventive maintenance. Because of this a training programme must be adapted to the needs of your organisation so that valuable time is directed at key areas.

Course information

This introductory, two day course is aimed at engineers, managers and technicians in manufacturing, maintenance and quality functions. It is also of value to others in service, development and design who are involved with the reliability of equipment.
Delegates do not require any knowledge of statistics, though familiarity with a basic scientific calculator will save time on the course.

Course content
The course is a blend of teaching and exercises which are tackled by small teams.
• Measures of equipment effectiveness
• Causes of loss - breakdowns, set up, speed, quality
• Strategies for maintenance
• Improvements by operators
• 5S approach for organisation
• Day to day maintenance and cleaning
• Problem solving and continuous improvement
• Improvements by engineering teams
• Wear out of parts and preventive replacement
• Condition monitoring and predictive replacement
• Single minute exchange of die ( SMED )
• Improvements by managers
• Implementation of TPM
• Design for reliability and maintenance

Expected results
By the end of the course, delegates will have a strong understanding of TPM concepts. They will know what to measure and how to set priorities for improvement. They will also know which techniques are appropriate and have had some practice in their use. Some delegates may want consultancy support for their first applications.